Tattoo Covers™ tattoo covering makeup

Tatto Covering makeup covers almost anything

A revolutionary new cream tattoo makup which covers the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations. The creamy, waterproof formula is easy to apply and will conceal any skin flaw. Tattoo Covers™ is available in 5 individual shades in our Bride Blemhish and tattoo covering for photo five-color Tattoo CoveRing™ palette that contains all five shades in one compact, easy-to-use container. Use it to match any shade skin. The revolutionary new creamy waterproof tattoo cover makeup formula is designed to cover the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations.

Choose the Tattoo Cover shade closest to skin tone and apply with a sponge (using a patting, not stroking motion). Set with Colorset Powder. Then apply creamy makeup over Tattoo Cover (again with a patting motion). If desired, stipple several skin tones over the area and add freckles to blend with surrounding skin. For a matte finish, press Colorset Powder into final makeup design. Mist Barrier Spray over the area to seal and protect. Conceals any skin flaw! It is easy to match your skin tone too - see application photos below. Order Here!

  • Step 1: Clean tattoo and surrounding skin.
  • Step 2: Pat on Tattoo Cover with a sponge.
  • Step 3: Cover the entire design with a patting motion.
  • Step 4: Set Tattoo Cover with powder.
  • Step 5: Pat cream makeup over Tattoo Cover.
  • Step 6: Add stippled skin tones and freckles (if desired).

Watch our video on how to use Tattoo CoveRing. How to hide a tattoo with makeup:

Great for photography, modeling, weddings and other special occasions!

You've got to see it to believe it! Great for brides, food service workers or anyone wanting to hide a tattoo, cover a birthmark or other skin blemishes such as scars.

These are unretouched photographs showing the incredible coverage provided by Mehron's new Tattoo Covers.

Have a tattoo or birth mark you need to hide for a special occasion? We can help!

We stock an extensive line of professional products that are made just for this job, including waterproof make-up!

Use it at your Workplace!

Keep your job and your bodyart or tattoos. Workplace dress codes often ban tattoos and other bodyart — Tattoo CoveRing was specifically designed to totally hide the things you want hidden. Conceal your tattoo in your workplace! Tattoo CoveRing makeup works over the darkest and largest of tattoos and bodyart, using theatrical makeup that is nearly invisible.

Food service and other employers are becoming more restrictive about visible tattoos and bodyart in the workplace. Cover your tattoo before you go to that all-important first interview — get Tattoo CoveRing.

Hide blemishes, scars and birthmarks too. Tattoo CoveRing works flawlessly on any skin imperfection, from natural flaws, scars and imperfections to bodyart and tattoos. When you need a "clear skin" look for the day, check out Tattoo CoveRing.

Use it at your Wedding!

Don't let your wedding photos be ruined by bodyart or tattoos. Hide tattoos and bodyart for your big day! Hide your bodyart and tattoo with our amazing Tattoo Covers. Tattoo Covers conseals the darkest and largest of tattoos and bodyart, using theatrical makeup that is nearly invisible.

Tattoos in your wedding party can be a nuisance. Bridesmaids and groomsmen may have obvious bodyart or tattoos that would distract from your wedding day. Provide Tattoo Covers for your wedding party's bodyart and tattoos as part of their wedding attire. This theatrical makeup covers the darkest blemish, birthmark or tattoo. Order Tattoo CoveRing™ now.

Are you concerned about a distracting blemish in your wedding photos? Use Tattoo Covers for your wedding day! No need to stress about blemishes, acne or scars on your wedding day, they are easily concealed! Cover skin discolorations, birthmarks or tattoos, completely and invisibly with Tattoo Covers, a theatrical makeup that covers the darkest blemish, birthmark or tattoo.

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